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About Us

Thanks for stopping to learn more about us. Crowned Queen Skin & Beauty was inspired and created from a place of sovereignty. We’re here to bring an empowering, transformative, and innovative edge to the beauty/cosmetic industry.

The vision for this brand is to “Illuminate Beauty and Confidence”, by giving women something to add to their daily routine to enhance their inner beauty, as we know what it’s like to be in a place of despair and hopelessness due to life circumstances.

We also know the power of affirmations which is why every product we create has a recommended affirmation to recite as the product is being applied. Our products are high quality, long lasting, moisturizing, and will serve as an enhancement of your natural beauty. Each product is also intention infused, with user in mind, to assist in the building of inner beauty and confidence. We look forward to you trying our products and experiencing an illumination of confidence. Sending you lots of love on your journey to a more confident YOU.❤️